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So I have worked for the company for a few years now at a few different chains in a few different states. Each time transferring easily to my current postion in the pharmacy.

So after working for Wal-Mart for 8+ years I was fairly pleased with Kroger. I felt I was treated fair. There were decent benefits, hours, and decent pay. It wasn't until this past 6 months or so when the "OFFICAL" KROGER takeover of the store I have been at for the past 3 years that I have started to feel like they don't care anymore.

We have had 3 different HR people, none that know much of anything. You are better off looking it up yourself on the BarneyWeb or calling Total Rewards. They are starting to take away more hours and give us higher expectations for the less hours. Whatever, that is common of corporate but its frustrating.

The most recent and irritating incident involves updates to the VACATION POLICY. It is posted on our main benefits site. The site ALL associates access for ALL benefits. Right at the top of the page.

So like others did I would assume, I clicked the link and read it. Things sounded good, more vacation, new vesting dates, etc. Etc. Well turns out, its not for us.

Just MANAGEMENT! SOMEONE TAKE IT OFF THE WEBSITE THEN. Then theres the issue of insurance. Cant even go to a dentist here this year.

No ones in network. We can gile a claim, and it might get paid.

Hmmm thanks Kroger. You let us down

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